Bedford Square Books

Welcome to Bedford Square Books, a new eBook and Print on Demand publishing venture
coming from the Ed Victor Literary Agency.

Our aim is to make available to readers some of the books we love that have gone out of print or are currently unavailable.
Occasionally we will publish original works - for these, please scroll a little further down. We are aware that the way we read is changing and so all BSB titles
will be available in ebook format for the first time. However, if you prefer the traditional feel of paper, then all our titles are also available in paperback, on demand. Publishing in this way will allow us to continue the life of our authors' work as well as bring them to a new platform for the 21st Century reader.

Whichever format you choose, we hope you will enjoy our titles; a wide mix of high quality, timeless and still topical books from a range of genres,
both fiction and non-fiction. We are inviting you to browse our bookshelves.

Bedford Square Books
6 Bayley Street

Tel: (+44) 0 20 7304 4100
Fax: (+44) 0 20 7304 4111

Edina Imrik

eBooks and Print on Demand
The Secret History of Ancient Egypt
Herbie Brennan
Paul Eddy
  Tales for the Telling
Edna O'Brien
  The Queen & Us
Nigel Nicolson
Good Times, Bad Times
Harold Evans
  Two Sides of the Moon
David Scott
Alexei Leonov
  The list of 7
Mark Frost
  The Good Opera Guide
Denis Forman
The Green Knight
Iris Murdoch
  The Six Messiahs
Mark Frost
  Your Truly,
Pierre Stone

Sam Bain
Original Books
    Dead Rich
Louise Fennell
  The Biographical Dictionary of Popular Music
Dylan Jones